How to Save Syslog to a USB Flash Drive?

Vigor 2960/3900 support USB applications since firmware version 1.0.9. This document demonstrates how to save Syslog to a USB flash drive for Vigor2960/3900, as for DrayOS models, please refer to Saving Syslog to USB Disk.

1. Prepare a USB flash drive and plug it to Vigor 3900's USB port, and go to USB Application >>Disk Status to make sure its Status is “In Use”.



Note: Vigor2960/3900 only support the USB drives using file system FAT32 and EXT2,3.

2. Remember that making any changes in Syslog settings will clear the Syslog File in System Maintenance >> Syslog/Mail Alert, if you want to keep the current log, please download it first.


3. Enable saving Syslog to USB device. Go to System Maintenance >> Syslog/Mail Alert >>Syslog Access Setup,


4. Click OK to save the configuration.


5. After the above configuration, the syslog file will be saved to the USB drive in a folder named “syslog”, which is created automatically by the Vigor Router.



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