How to use WAN aggregation?

The Vigor2960 & Vigor3900 supports two mode of WAN load balance, IP based and session based. In IP based mode, sessions with same destination (e.g. the same server), the WAN interface used will be the same. Therefore, the bandwidth is limited by WAN interface used. On the contrary, session based mode allow to use each available WAN interfaces for sessions with same destination. So the bandwidth will be approximately sum of bandwidth of each WAN. Below we perform speed test to demonstrate the difference between these two mode.



Suppose there are two WAN with download/upload bandwidth 60/20 and 15/15 seperately.

1. To make the WAN usage on the best effect, go to Routing >> Load Balance Pool to set the
weight of WAN equal to its proportion.

3 - routing Load balance pool

2. To use IP based mode, please go to Routing >> Default Route, and select IP based mode as Load Balance Mode.

4 - Routing IP based

3. Run speed test to check the speed of each WAN. From the result, we can see the speed is independent


5 WAN1


6  WAN2

4. To use session based mode, select Session Based in Load Balance Mode instead.

4 - Routing IP based

 5. Run speed test again, and we can see the bandwidth is approach to sum of WAN1 and



Even session based mode privide better performance than IP based mode. The connection might be rejected by some server which denied connection with different IP. We can use Policy Route to solve it.

  1. Go to Objects Setting >> Keyword/DNS Object, then add a DNS object in DNS Object tab
  1. Give a profile name
  2. Add DNS of the server in Member Table
  3. Click Apply to save

10 DNS

7. Go to Routing >> Policy Route, then add a Policy Rule
    a. Give a profile name and enable it
    b. Select Object as Destination Type
    c. Tick the DNS Object for the server
    d. Select WAN interface in Load Balance Rule
    e. Click Apply to save

11 profily rule

Now when users are access website with bank in their domain name, the session won't apply to session based mode but only WAN 1 to avoid the rejection from the server.


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